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Valerie Romley, Director of Operations


Driven by a sense of curiosity about the world and understanding why people do what they do, Valerie brings over twenty five years of cross-disciplinary expertise in global production management, advertising and consumer research.


With her international background and in-depth understanding of how culture affects consumer behavior, Valerie is the cultural bridge that help brands better understand and connect with their customers. Whether observing the rituals of putting on makeup, doing laundry, making dinner, rummaging through closets, or simply being in the room with the consumer, Valerie personally manages every project from concept through delivery to translate cultural behavior into relevant insights.


From New York to Paris, San Francisco to Stockholm, Mumbai to Istanbul, Cape Town to Jakarta, São Paolo to Shanghai and points in between, we work worldwide in partnership with brands, advertisers, researchers, strategists, designers and innovation labs.



Renee, Director of US Field Recruiting: Oversees a team of independent recruiters across several time zones and personally ensures that all recruits meet our exacting standards and deliver the quality insights that our clients have come to expect.


International Partners: We work with our global network of researchers, ethnographers, anthropologists, analysts, field managers, independent recruiters and videographers in order to deliver one-stop research solutions for our clients.

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