research without borders


Global Qualitative Research

seamless research solutions anywhere in the world. anytime. 

Moving Target Research is your global research partner offering bespoke qualitative research solutions both in-person and online, anywhere in the world, anytime. 
From participant recruiting to international project management, in-language moderation and analysis as well as a full range of innovative online methodologies.

online or in-person 

Whether your next project involves in-person qualitative research, participant recruiting, online focus groups, video diaries, mobile ethnography or remote qualitative research, our à la carte services allow you to expand your team’s capabilities and geographic presence. 

research without borders

From New York to Paris, San Francisco to Tokyo, Mumbai to Istanbul, São Paolo to Shanghai and points in between, with our global research network and agile qualitative research solutions we are wherever your users are, capturing authentic behavior and delivering real-time insights all without the travel!

research by researchers for researchers 

Moving Target Research has been helping research teams expand their global reach and capabilities since 2001. We offer à la carte and full service qualitative research solutions that can be white labeled as an extension of your research team and capabilities.

With end-to-end global experience in more than 20 countries, we are your global research partner


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in-person or online 

  • Focus Groups 
  • In-Homes Interviews & IDIs
  • Shop Alongs & Drive Alongs  
  • User Experience Research/UXR
  • IHUTs (In-Home User Testing)
  • Day in the Life Studies


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agile qualitative & ethnographic research

We leverage the power of technology to capture real time feedback and deliver insights from users all around the world, in whatever language they speak, all without the travel!

  • Virtual Recruiting 
  • Virtual Focus Groups 
  • Remote One-on-One Interviews (IDIs)
  • Remote Shop Alongs
  • Mobile Ethnography & Digital Immersions 
  • Mobile Journals & Video Diary Studies
  • Online Communities & Bulletin Boards


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The success of any research initiative starts with recruiting!

Using a combination of traditional, on-street, virtual and social media we recruit worldwide for:

  • Depth Interviews
  • Ethnographies/In-homes
  • Face to face/Street recruitment
  • Focus group recruitment
  • Intercepts
  • Shop-alongs

Remote Recruitment:
All of our respondents are carefully screened using our remote recruitment methodology which allows us to see and dialogue with respondents around the world to ensure that participants not only qualify but are knowledgeable, engaged, passionate and articulate.

In-Person/Street Recruitment:
Additionally, we offer in-person recruitment using our network of field recruiters around the world.


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your one-stop shop for local and global fieldwork

Moving Target Research is your single point-of-contact across borders and time zones to help you get the job done, on time and on budget!

Our team of local and field veterans know what can happen, what to expect and how to prepare accordingly so your project won't encounter unexpected field delays or expenses. 

We provide seamless end-to-end research support that includes:

  • Global Fieldwork & Project Management
  • Worldwide Participant Recruiting 
  • Bilingual Interviewers & Native Language Moderators
  • Analysis & Reporting 
  • Interpreters & Translation 
  • Localized Screener Design & Discussion Guides
  • Local Videographers
  • Currency/Incentive Management


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bring your research to life!

Moving Target Media, a division of Moving Target Research, combines marketing, research and analytical expertise to create broadcast quality films and videos. 

We combine research based insights and visual storytelling to create engaging, compelling media to bring your research findings to life!

  • Highlight Reels
  • "Day In The Life" Documentaries
  • Consumer Documentaries
  • VOX Pops/Voice of the Customer Videos
  • User Generated Insights Videos
  • Focus Group Filming
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Translation & Subtitles

why work with us

  • Your single point-of-contact across borders and time zones.
  • Out-of-the box thinking and innovative solutions.
  • A global network of senior level researchers, ethnographers, anthropologists, analysts, field managers, independent recruiters and videographers.
  • Local researchers with global expertise. 
  • Quality control; We get the job done right-not just done.
  • Personalized attention; Each project is managed by a local or remote project manager as well as a bilingual local assistant and fieldwork coordinator.
  • A positive, pro-active and pre-emptive approach to make certain each project is a success for all stakeholders. 
  • Localized and culture based insights; Our network of local experts provide insights into cultural differences and localization/adaptation.
  • And, no more professional or deadbeat respondents!
woman shopping in supermarket asile during shop along

Global Qualitative Research 

Computer screen showing online focus groups

Online Focus Groups

Man being interviewed during one-on-one interviews

In-Language Moderation

Two people sitting and talking during focus group


computer monitor showing different people during online focus group

Online Qual

Woman wearing mask looking at clothes during shop alongs

Shop Alongs 

Woman watching woman using camera during a user interview


Hand showing beverage during remote shop-alongs

Mobile Ethnography

Two men talking on the street

Participant Recruiting

Hand holding smartphone with QR code for Amazon Go during a remote shop along

Remote Shop Alongs

Videographer filming focus group

Video & Visual Storytelling 

Shopping basket full of Asian groceries featured in video diary

Multi-Country Studies

Looking over the shoulder of man driving during drive along

Drive alongs

Videographer recording two people at conference table during IDI

User Experience Research

Person holding McDonalds delivery bag inside kitchen

Diary Studies 

International Fieldwork