insights anywhere, anytime.

Our suite of agile qualitative research tools allow us to leverage the power of technology to capture in-the-moment feedback and deliver real-time insights from users all around the world, in whatever language they speak, all without the travel!

  • Online Focus Groups 
  • Remote One-on-One Interviews (IDIs)
  • Virtual Shop Alongs
  • Video Diaries
  • Mobile & Remote Ethnographic Research 
  • Online Communities & Bulletin Boards
  • Virtual User Research 
Feet standing on social distancing marker
User messaging on Apple watch
Starbucks drink in user's hand
Man looking at computer screen and talking with participants during an online focus group
Man talking with moderator during remote interview
Inside of refrigerator
Marathon race medal being held by participant
Shopping basket with groceries
Shelf with board games
Google maps directions
Closet fullof sneakers
Participant holding smartphone with pizza delivery offer using mobile ethnography
Suitcases in someone's home
Hand holding cottage cheese tub and food on plate