seamless research solutions wherever you need to be

in-person or online

With more than twenty years of experience working in the US, EU, UK, LATAM, APAC and MENA, Moving Target Research translates behaviour into relevant and actionable insights for global brands. 

Need to do in-homes in Tokyo or São Paolo, shop alongs in Beijing or Barcelona, focus groups in Paris or London? We can expand your team’s capabilities and geographic scope with:

  • International Project Management
  • Worldwide Participant Recruiting 
  • Bilingual Moderators
  • International Focus Group Facilitation
  • Analysis & Reporting 
  • Interpreters & Translation Services
  • Localized Screener Design & Discussion Guides
Young man being interviewed during in-home
people sitting around a conference table during a focus group
Young looking at wine bottle during shop-along i
Two woman sitting on couch looking at laptop computer screen during in-home interview
watching woman cook in her kitchen during ethnographic research