research without borders

are you a researcher looking for a qualitative research partner?

From Paris to Tokyo, London to Dubai, São Paolo to Shanghai and points in between, Moving Target Research International works in partnership with researchers and research teams to expand their global reach and capabilities. 

We are you one-stop shop for local and international fieldwork. With our global network of research partners we deliver seamless end-to-end research support wherever you need to be.

  • Qualitative Research Consultants 
  • Bilingual Moderators
  • Cultural Experts & Guides
  • Participant Recruiting 
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Translation & Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Multi-Country Project Management
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Video & Editing

why work with us?

we deliver research by researchers for researchers

  • 20+ years of experience working in over 30 countries.
  • A global network of vetted senior level researchers, ethnographers, anthropologists, analysts, field managers, independent recruiters, fixers and videographers.
  • Your single point-of-contact across borders and time zones.
  • Local researchers with global expertise. 
  • Localized and culture based insights; Our network of local experts provide insights into cultural norms and attitudes with localization/adaptation services.
  • Out-of-the box thinking and innovative solutions.
  • Quality control; We get the job done right, not just done.
  • A pro-active and preemptive approach to make certain each project is a success for all stakeholders. 

what we do 

International Fieldwork 

Shopping basket full of Asian groceries featured in video diary

Multi-Country Studies

Man being interviewed during one-on-one interviews

In-Language Moderation

Two people sitting and talking during focus group


Shop Alongs 

Woman watching woman using camera during a user interview


Two men talking on the street

Participant Recruiting

Hand showing beverage during remote shop-alongs

Mobile Ethnography

Computer screen showing online focus groups

Online Focus Groups

Videographer filming focus group

Video & Visual Storytelling 


in-person (or online)

With over twenty years of experience working in the US, EU, UK, LATAM, APAC and MENA regions, Moving Target Research International translates cultural nuances and behaviour into relevant and actionable insights for global brands. 

Need to do in-homes in Tokyo or São Paolo, shop alongs in Beijing or Barcelona, focus groups in Paris or Dubai? We can expand your team’s capabilities and geographic scope with:

  • International & Multi-Country Project Management
  • Worldwide Participant Recruiting 
  • Bilingual Moderators
  • International Focus Group Facilitation
  • Analysis & Reporting 
  • Interpreters & Translation Services
  • Localized Screener Design & Discussion Guides


your one-stop shop for local and global fieldwork

Moving Target Research is your single point-of-contact across borders and time zones to help you get the job done, on time and on budget!

Our team of senior level researchers and consultants know what can happen, what to expect and how to prepare accordingly so your project won't encounter unexpected field delays or expenses. 

Seamless end-to-end research support:

  • Global Fieldwork & Project Management
  • Worldwide Participant Recruiting 
  • Bilingual Interviewers & Native Language Moderators
  • Analysis & Reporting 
  • Interpreters & Translation 
  • Localized Screener Design & Discussion Guides
  • Local Videographers
  • Currency/Incentive Management


the success of any research starts with recruiting!

Using a combination of traditional, on-street, online and social media we recruit worldwide for:

  • Ethnographies/In-Homes
  • Depth Interviews
  • Focus Group Recruiting
  • Intercepts
  • Shop-alongs

All of our respondents are carefully screened using our own recruitment methodology which allows us to see and dialogue with respondents around the world to ensure that participants not only qualify on paper but are knowledgeable, engaged, passionate and articulate.

In-Person/Street Recruitment:
Additionally, we offer in-person recruitment using our network of field recruiters around the world.


insights anywhere, anytime.

Online qualitative research allows us to leverage the power of technology in order to capture in-the-moment feedback and deliver real-time insights from users all around the world, in whatever language they speak, all without the travel!

successful research demands more than the latest technology 

We provide customized online research support tailored to your needs with our global network of experienced partners. From project set-up on your preferred platform, such as Recollective, Living Lens, Indeemo or Zoom, to recruiting for multi-market studies and incentives in the local currency to native language moderation and reporting in English, anywhere in the world.

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Diary Studies
  • Insight Communities
  • Mobile Ethnography 
  • Online Focus Groups 
  • Online Communities & Bulletin Boards
  • Remote Shop Alongs
  • Remote One-on-One Interviews (IDIs)
  • Video Based Research
  • Virtual IHUTs (In-Home User Tests) 

who we work with